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The Little Words Limited Writing, Editing and SEO Professional Development Workshop

About us

Writing is at the heart of everything we do here at Little Words Limited. We are a team of professional writers, editors, and SEO specialists with over 20 years of experience in providing top quality, high performing and successful commerce and creative content. Our long list of clients includes popular women’s publications, multimillion-dollar tech companies and commerce product review websites.

For Writers


It’s not enough to simply be good at writing in order to provide content that performs well on the internet. We offer training to writers to up their writing game, learn all the latest SEO tricks of the trade and everything there is to know about working with the ever-changing algorithms.


We all started somewhere and had some help getting where we are now. We will never forget our own mentors, and that’s why we provide a mentorship program for writers who want to learn more and build a successful writing career.


We offer women writers the opportunity to add a wealth of essential knowledge to their writing skills in order to get more clients and writing jobs via training (one-on-one and group sessions, both online and in-person), writing retreats and our community.


We stay connected through our community of writers, share job vacancies, and offer these writers a chance to work with us. We also arrange retreats as an opportunity to associate with and learn from like-minded individuals, doing what we love the most; writing.

For Businesses


Whether you need writing content for a digital outlet, website, blog, or any and all online publications in any industry—commerce, tech, beauty, fashion news—there is a Little Words professional who can more than accommodate your needs.


As any experienced writer knows, writing is just rewriting and a lot (a LOT!) of editing. Editing is the process of beautifying a piece of writing, tweaking it to perfection, smoothing out the edges, making it the best possible version of itself.


Well-performing articles are no coincidence but the product of strategic and well thought out and planned search engine optimization (SEO). Our team of experienced specialists will give your content the best possible chance to succeed.

Staff Training

Instead of hiring us to write top-notch content for you and/or optimise and enhance your existing articles and content, why not hire us to train your in-house writers and employees on how to create well-performing articles and website content?

We’d love to hear from you

• Do you need high quality writing, editing and SEO services for your publication or website?
• Would you like to offer training to your in-house writers and employees to improve your business?
• Are you a writer who would like to improve your skills, learn more and get involved in our awesome community?
• Would you like to be a freelance writer and work from anywhere producing highly sought-after content?


“This training allowed me to really grow as a writer. The professional feedback received revealed better approaches that I would have never considered on my own. Through the direct edits, I was guided on how I could improve rather than just being told. It took a lot of the guesswork out of revisions and allowed me to quickly advance and develop my writing skills, voice, structuring, proofreading habits, and much more.”

– Student, 2021

“Hiring the Little Words team was one of the best decisions I made. Working with Kat has been a pleasure. She’s not only the best at what she does but also extremely efficient, providing feedback and results promptly. Amazing service and would highly recommend to anyone seeking professional literary services to improve their company’s image.”

– Client, since 2018

“After working in advertising and publishing, I decided to pivot towards a career in SEO and commerce writing. Little Words offers a comprehensive and exciting training course that covers all aspects of content writing… I have been extremely lucky to learn, work and grow with the Little Words team. Kat is a truly amazing tutor with inspiring writing talent who offers her in-depth knowledge in an easy to understand and enjoyable way.”

– Student, 2021

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