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Little Words Limited was founded by women writers for women writers. Knowing how hard it is to be a working mother and trying to work around the kids’ schedule, freelancing is a great way to see the children more and work on your own time. While, thankfully, there are a lot of freelance writing jobs available out there, there is so much more to being a freelance writer than just knowing how to write.

Getting the well-paying jobs that would mean you could actually make a good living and a successful career as a writer working from home would need something that makes you different from the crowd and that is all the pieces that make a good freelance writer, including up-to-date SEO knowledge, and superior skills in research, proofreading, editing. In addition to this, there are other aspects that are not often talked about, such as article tone, style guides, finding jobs, reaching out to editors, pitching your articles, and even information on UK taxes as a freelancer.

The Little Words Limited training course offers inside knowledge on all these aspects to help you in your future endeavours for a successful writing career. There are several different types and learning methods of our course to choose from to suit all different budgets and time allowances so there is something for everyone.

Little Words Limited Courses, Workshops, Trainings and Retreats for Writers

Scroll down to learn more about our courses, workshops, and retreats, and if you need any clarification, please contact us.

1. Online Intro to Freelance Writing for Digital Outlets

An online short course discussing the basics of becoming a freelance writer with pointers, tips, tricks, and your next steps in the right direction towards a career in writing for digital outlets.

More info coming very soon.

2. Online Recorded Writing, Editing and SEO Professional Development Training Course

A fully-comprehensive online course split up into bite-sized, understandable sections, covering writing, editing, proofreading, SEO, and even writing style, finding jobs, pitching to agents, and finances.

More info coming very soon.

3. Online Live Writing, Editing and SEO Professional Development Training Course

A live online version of our recorded online professional development course, held over two days, with other students, with the opportunity to ask questions, get involved and meet other members of the community.

More info coming very soon.

4. In-Person Writing, Editing and SEO Professional Development Training Course

By far the most fruitful and fun of all the courses, an in-person version of our professional development course held over one full day with other students at the Anglia Ruskin University in Essex. An interactive experience with the tutor and other students, and there’s also tea, coffee, and homemade cake! Watch the teaser here!

More info coming very soon.

5. One-on-One (In-Person/Online) Writing, Editing and SEO Professional Development Training Course

If you prefer the one-on-one experience, we can book you in for your personal training of the personal development course where you will benefit from bespoke advice tailored just to you and your needs.

More info coming very soon.

6. Little Words Limited Writing Retreat In Greece

For a bit of much-needed fun combined with a learning experience that can excel your career, come to the Little Words writing retreat in Evia, Greece. Here are some pics to get you in the mood in lieu of more information, coming soon.

More info coming very soon.

7. Little Words Limited Writing and Editing Mentorship Programme

Little Words Limited offers three mentorship programmes a year for women writers who want a career in freelance online writing. More information will be provided soon, but if this is something you are interested in, please reach out.

More info coming very soon.