In 2000, Little Words founder, Kat, landed a job as a reporter at the local newspaper. The internet wasn’t really a thing (at least not for the North London independent covering stories of local old ladies finding rare vases in their attics), SEO was unheard of, and all a writer had to think about was using impressive vocabulary and daydream that they worked for the New York Times. Things are vastly different for writers today and a little less romantic (at least in theory).

Unless you are a celebrity, being a successful writer today requires so much more than just knowing how to make words sound nice together. Starting from the bottom and working very hard for many years, Kat created Little Words, providing writing, editing, and SEO services to businesses, and writers’ training to women writers who want to excel in their writing careers and join the Little Words community.

Our team includes professional writers, editors, SEO specialists, proofreaders, and even video and sound engineers with over 20 years of experience in providing top quality, high performing and successful commerce and creative content. Our long list of clients includes popular women’s publications, multimillion-dollar tech companies and commerce product review websites. Scroll down to meet the team and read what some of our students and clients have said about us.

Meet the Team

We are excited to introduce you to some of the amazing people on the
Little Words team. Swipe the images to learn more about each of us.

  • Kat de Naoum Little Words
  • Melissa Epifano Little Words
  • Marie Capo
  • Vasso Kifnidis Little Words
  • Alexis Kalogiannakis Little Words
  • Sarah Quinn Little Words
  • Lauraine Velez Little Words
  • Stella Georgali Little Words
  • Penny Constantinou Little Words
  • Sonia Rompoti Little Words
  • Harry K Little Words


Though we welcome all feedback, below are some endorsements from a few of our clients and students (because everyone should toot their own horn once in a while).

“This training allowed me to really grow as a writer. The professional feedback received revealed better approaches that I would have never considered on my own. Through the direct edits, I was guided on how I could improve rather than just being told. It took a lot of the guesswork out of revisions and allowed me to quickly advance and develop my writing skills, voice, structuring, proofreading habits, and much more.”

– Student, 2021

“Working with Kat and the Little Words team has helped me to go from a beginner to a senior SEO content writer in less than a year. Her feedback has helped me improve my content, tailor my tone, and pay more attention to detail. Kat is a patient, knowledgeable and professional teacher who is skilled at ensuring the success of her team. She is also one of the best editors I have had the pleasure of working with.”

– Student and Writer, since 2020

“Hiring the Little Words team was one of the best decisions I made. Working with Kat has been a pleasure. She’s not only the best at what she does but also extremely efficient, providing feedback and results promptly. Amazing service and would highly recommend to anyone seeking professional literary services to improve their company’s image.”

– Client, since 2018

“Kat and the Little Words team are a true pleasure to work with. They bring such light to a working environment, that writing together feels stress-free, allowing creativity to flow as it should. Kat exudes kindness, is fair in all endeavours, and above all, professional. The team she has created reflects her strength in leadership and her business is throbbing with talent.

Great communication and passion are among the mix when working with this fab team. I’d work with Kat and her team a thousand times over. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a small part of such a big, engaged brand. Thanks to Kat for having me on board.”

– Writer, since 2021

“Kat was wonderful to work for; her training was well-thought-out and structured. My expectations as a writer were clear from the get-go, and I never felt hesitant to reach out if I had a question. The transition period was helpful with in-depth edits and check-ins as I grasped the client’s specific voice and style. As a writer, I recommend working with Little Words due to their consistency, clarity, and professionalism.”

– Writer, 2021

“After working in advertising and publishing, I decided to pivot towards a career in SEO and commerce writing. Little Words offers a comprehensive and exciting training course that covers all aspects of content writing from marketing strategy to editing. I have been extremely lucky to learn, work and grow with the Little Words team. Kat is a truly amazing tutor with inspiring writing talent who offers her in-depth knowledge in an easy to understand and enjoyable way.”

– Student, 2020

“My writing skills have significantly improved since working with Kat and the Little Words team. Kat’s editing and knowledge about the industry are superb and her feedback is always kind but constructive—I learn something new with every round of edits. The lessons go beyond just the basics of writing; I have gained a thorough understanding of e-commerce, SEO, structure, and creating content that’s well-researched.”

– Student and Writer, 2015

I went to school for journalism and didn’t learn nearly as much as I have with Kat and Little Words that I can actually apply to my day-to-day in the industry.”

– Student and Writer, since 2017

“Audience development success relies on brilliant storytelling. But that’s not enough; you also need incredible attention-to-detail, technical digital marketing skills, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media publishing, and the commitment to drive continuous growth tactics. Kat and her team have it all.

I’ve brought Kat and her team into multiple publishing giants, from Bauer Media, one of the world’s largest B2C media giants, to Xometry-Thomas, the leading B2B manufacturing technology company – she always delivers. What’s incredible is her professionalism and expertise. Whenever I work with Kat, I can completely relax knowing that she understands our assignments and will do her 150%. I’m incredibly excited to see her sharing her knowledge and experience generously to help develop next-generation writing talent.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re reading this. Kat is the best talent an audience development exec could ever ask for, and I’m honored to see her thrive.”

– Cathy Ma, VP, Platform Growth & Engagement at Thomas, a Xometry Company